About Levity III


Levity III was built in 2007. The central chamber has its point of departure in the marine illustrations of 19th Century biologist Ernst Haeckel. Here subtle colour is projected on to the domed ceiling to create a kaleidoscopic array of soft tones.  At its base is hexagonal colonnade with illuminated columns at its three corners.

Levity III’s outer domes are an exploration of the disdyakis triacontahedron variant of the dodecahedron – an elaboration of structure using seam lines to bring out the geometry behind the form.  Here the seam lines have a parallel with the lead that stained glass craftsmen use to join pieces of glass of in a stained glass – to the extent that one visitor even wrote the comment “…like walking in a stained-glass window!”


“One of the biggest hits of inaugural art extravaganza in Miami Beach was the ‘Levity III’ Luminarium. A sensual world of light and color greeted entrants and mesmerized all viewers (yes, children, too). Everything was awash in glowing light as visitors walked through a series of delightfully disorienting tunnels that led to meditative domes. Parkinson was inspired by Islamic architecture when he designed "Levity III," and his mosque-like spaces became gathering places for visitors, many of whom lay on the floor to experience the full sensation of the setting. “
Vanessa Silberman,  Art Business News

“Levity III was breathtaking, calming and stimulating.  Rarely do we look at a building solely for the pleasure of looking at something beautiful.  Once ensconced in such a soft and all encompassing environment, it was difficult not to give in to the temptation to sit and watch the colours merging and flowing over soft smooth curves.”
Jersey Evening Post