About AoA

Architects of Air seeks to bring a visual surprise and excitement into the environment and to create the optimum conditions where people can be moved to a sense of wonder through the particular phenomenon of luminous colour. 

Architects of Air is based in Nottingham UK, in a 4000 sq ft former textile workshop.  

The company has 5 permanent staff and employs 15+ temporary staff for touring and construction.  The core staff is:

Alan Parkinson  Artistic Director
Mado Ehrenborg         Managing Director
Jon Gatt Workshop Supervisor
Rich Spiby Workshop / Operations Manager
Meko Parkinson Design Assistant

AoA usually commits 6 months per year in the winter off-season to create a new luminarium, and can have as many as four luminaria on exhibition at any one time during the summer.  Since 1992 AoA has made over 500 exhibitions in 37 countries.